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Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies
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Erin Burge

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Assistant Professor, Marine Biology
(843) 349-6491
Classes Taught: 

MSCI 111 Introduction to Marine Science MSCI 111L Introduction to Marine Science Lab MSCI 302 Marine Biology MSCI 302L Marine Biology Lab MSCI 466/CMWS 566 Diseases and Parasites of Aquatic Organisms MSCI 466L Diseases and Parasites of Aquatic Organisms Lab MSCI 477 Ecology of Coral Reefs (Jamaica Maymester) CMWS 697/8 Graduate Seminar I/II MSCI 101 The Sea MSCI 499 Directed Undergraduate Research HONR 499 Honors Directed Undergraduate Research UNIV 110S First-year Experience (ROV Section)

Research Interests: 

My research interests include environmental immunology, molecular physiology, and molecular biology of marine invertebrates and fishes. I am developing a research program that applies molecular and cellular techniques to field-oriented problems in an ecological context. I am specifically interested in hypotheses concerning gene expression in disease pathogenesis, host resistance, host/pathogen interactions, and environmental influences on gene expression. I prefer framing research questions and interpreting results in the context of the life history of the organisms being studied.

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